Who we are

Who we are

Founded on March 12, 1973, the ABAC – Brazilian Association of Cabotage Shipowners aims to contribute to the expansion of offshore cabotage transport, as well as integration with Mercosul countries, seeking to regain a prominent position in transoceanic transport. Thus, despite its name indicating “cabotage”, the associated companies also operate in long-distance navigation.

The industry operates in the containers, solid bulk, liquid bulk and general cargo segments. In recent years, there has been great growth in the movement of containers along the Brazilian coast, through multimodal operations where some associated companies operate intensely. General cargo transportation and project cargo also showed growth. In this way, the associated companies respond positively to new demands and are ready to meet new ones that arise.

Companies affiliated to ABAC have the potential to meet all cargo transport demands along the Brazilian coast, including movements with partners in the Southern Cone, and may, in the medium term, resume their participation in foreign trade, if there is government support for the strengthening of companies.

On March 1, 2023, ABAC was selected by the board of ICS – The International Chamber of Shipping, based in London, to be its affiliate member.ICS is the leading international trade association focused on commercial operators and shipowners, representing all sectors and trades and more than 80% of the global commercial fleet.

ABAC - Brazilian Association of
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